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Postponed 2020 St. Patrick's celebrations in the Basque Country

This was the plan up to 11th March 2020:

LagunCara recommendation: if planning to attend any of the following St. Patrick's events, please strictly follow the CoviD-19-related regulations and guidelines set out by the relevant local authorities and the Basque Government.

Advertisement: Irish Jaia - Portugalete-n!
Organized by: Portugaleteko Koadrilak and Portugaleteko Merkatua.
For last moment updates, see:

16 de Septiembre: Día de Leturia / Today is Luturia’s Day/ Gaur Leturiaren Eguna Da

“Difícilmente olvidaré éste día: 16 de septiembre”. Así lo decía
Txillardegi en su “Diario Secreto de Leturia” (Leturiaren Egunkari Eskutua). Porque? En el adjunto, lo puedes descubrir. Es una joya inédita, porque ha sido traducido al Castellano por un miembro de CARA que nos lo ha enviado para su inclusión en nuestro boletín. Siendo hoy el 16 Septiembre, pensamos k sería muy apropiado adelantar su difusión.

Find other Irish people in Spain - Now/Orain! (Expatmapper)

WHEN: Find other Irish people in Spain - Now/Orain!
WHAT:Register at Expatmapper to find out if other Irish people are also living in Bilbao/Euskadi so that you can contact them and go for a beer, talk their mother language, ask information or do some activities together.
+INFO: Contact Jan van Laere,

The history of Ireland in 100 objects

A free gift from the people of Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland’s EU presidency 2013. A beautiful e-book explaining the history of Ireland in 100 objects, and it is free to download at the end of March.

The influence of Spain in the history of Ireland is just one fascinating aspect of the book, which features two notable items with a Spanish connection, a Salamander pendant from the shipwrecked Spanish Armada, and a late sixteenth-century helmet, which is symbolic of Spain’s military aid to the Gaelic chieftains of Ireland.

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